Growing to Give receives funding for two new Hoop Houses!

Big thanks to The Bowdoin Common Good Committee and The Agnes M. Lindsay Trust for donating the funds to purchase two new hoop houses (plastic covered greenhouses)! These additional hoop houses will extend our growing season by about 3-4 months, enabling us to donate much more food to local people in need. Specifically, we will be able to grow fresh greens (lettuce, spinach, chard, beet greens) late into the late Fall and starting in the early Spring. Fresh greens are often the most requested items from our recipient organizations, and we are thrilled that we will be able to provide them outside of our few, short (albeit beautiful!) summer months. Thank you again to our generous funders!

Here’s a short message from Julie Scholes, one of the Bowdoin students responsible for awarding the Bowdoin Common Good Grant:

“When making our decision on which nonprofits we wanted to fund, the Common Good Grant Committee was impressed by Growing to Give’s commitment to sustainable farming practices while addressing the issue of food insecurity in Maine. We especially admired their commitment to providing their consumers with fresh, healthy produce that the consumers had requested rather than what could easily be mass produced. From this commitment to the community and addressing the pressing issue of food insecurity in Maine, we knew that providing a grant to Growing to Give would benefit and enhance the lives of people living in Midcoast Maine.”   

Stay tuned for news about our “Hoop House Raising Party” in the near future!

Patty, John and Theda



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