Articles, Reports and Papers

The 2014 report by the International Biochar Initiative (IBI) on the state of the biochar industry.


A 2008 Iowa State University study of slow pyrolysis vs. fast pyrolysis vs. gasification (paper and poster):


A 2008 paper by David Laird of Iowa State University on biochar’s potential to produce bioenergy and permanently sequester carbon, while improving soil and water quality.


Journal of Environmental Quality 2012 article on the Environmental Benefits of Biochar by James Ippolito, David Laird (Iowa State University), and Warren Busscher:

Charles Mann, author of 1491 ( the book that is widely credited with boosting awareness of terra preta and interest in biochar), wrote an article on soil for National Geographic in September 2008 that features biochar starting on page 7:


2009 Congressional Research Service report on biochar:


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