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Scatter Good Farm

Home of Growing to Give, Farm Stays, and Barn Rentals

Scatter Good Farm is a vegetable farm in Brunswick, Maine that offers farm stays through Airbnb, and space rentals in a renovated barn, but is best known as the home of Growing to Give, a non-profit, climate-friendly, biochar-enriched, volunteer-driven, certified-organic, grow-for-donation vegetable farming operation. In addition, Scatter Good Farm is the home of the Carton-Newlin family, periodic batches of organic chickens, and seven friendly Nigerian Dwarf goats. The farm currently has about 30 acres of woods with trails, 7 acres of “aging” hay fields, and 3 acres for the buildings and vegetable production areas.

Learn more about Scatter Good Farm by clicking here. Or visit Growing to Give and Scatter Good Farm on Facebook.