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Scatter Good Farm

Carbon-sense farming for a hopeful climate future

Most of the land that is now Scatter Good Farm was once part of Brunswick’s Two Echo Dairy Farm, which ceased operation in the 1980s. We (Patty Carton and John Newlin) established it as a stand-alone 30-acre farm in 2002, and added another 10 acres in 2010; the farm is now about 30 acres of woodlands, 8 acres of grass-dominated fields, and 2 acres for the homestead, animals, and vegetable production.

In 2015, we named the farm Scatter Good Farm, and John initiated a series of changes to make it more productive and climate-friendly, using permaculture and agroforestry practices with an emphasis on growing vegetables in soil amended with carbon-sequestering biochar. In 2016, the farm received organic certification from MOFGA and doubled vegetable production.

In 2017, inspired by Twin Villages Foodbank Farm in Damariscotta and other foodbank farms in Maine, we joined with others to create Growing to Give, a 501(c)(3) non-profit foodbank project at the farm. Vegetable production doubled again and became exclusively devoted to the foodbank project, and we became the happy owners of seven Nigerian Dwarf goats.

Learn more about Scatter Good Farm by clicking here. Or visit Growing to Give and Scatter Good Farm on Facebook.