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Biochar Projects

Large amounts of commercially-made biochar (from CharGrow and New England Biochar) have been applied at the farm each year since 2015, so at this point virtually all of Growing to Give’s vegetable plots, as well as dozens of new trees and shrubs, have been enriched by biochar. Our experience using biochar in vegetable production has been highly positive thus far, which is consistent with the research results being reported with increasing frequency around the world. In 2020, we plan to do additional analysis to explore how different quantities of biochar have impacted yields and soil health across different Growing to Give vegetable plots over the past several years, and new biochar trials will be started in 8 “virgin” vegetable plots. FMI about biochar, please see the section titled, “Biochar Resources”, on the SGF website, and check out this Guardian article about biochar dated November 29, 2019.