Healing Herbs at Scatter Good Farm

We want to remind folks about about the Summer Solstice Party at the farm this Saturday, June 18 (details can be found in our previous post below), but mainly we want to announce the new Facebook page for Dana Freshley’s non-cannabis herb operation at the farm – Healing Herbs at Scatter Good Farm. Born last fall as a vision to supply high-quality herbs to families, herbalists, apothecaries, and herbal product businesses throughout the state of Maine, 2016 will be our first growing season. We believe strongly in farming congruous to nature’s natural processes, so we use permaculture methods to foster healthy ecosystems and sustainable food medicine!

All the herbs are organically-grown, including goldenseal, elderberry, red clover, milky oats, dandelion, stinging nettles, sacred basil, echinacea and calendula. We will be selling our herbs dried fresh by the pound and half pound. If you would like more information about Healing Herbs, please contact Dana at dana.freshley@gmail.com.

Please check out the Facebook page at: https://www.facebook.com/Healing-Herbs-of-Scatter-Good-Farm-993695107352324/